BONES is a pop star now? Ricky A Go Go: PLEASUREULTIMATE

BONES is a pop star now? Ricky A Go Go: PLEASUREULTIMATE

In a move no one saw coming, the infamous rapper BONES has released a 10-track album of 90s pop love songs. Known for his harrowing music featuring raspy rap vocals and macabre themes, BONES has taken a dramatic turn with his new album, PLEASURESULTIMATE, which dropped earlier this morning. However, the album was not released under his well-known moniker but rather under the name "Ricky A Go Go."

Long-time BONES enthusiasts will recall "Ricky A Go Go" as an alternate name used by BONES in the early days of TEAMSESH. The alias hasn't been seen in about seven years, with much of the music released under this name being wiped, as BONES, whose real name is Elmo O'Connor, consolidated his work under his primary name. Fans were thrilled when Ricky A Go Go made a brief return as a featured artist on the 2022 track DeathTrain, but no further releases followed—until now.

Announced on his Instagram account, BONES revealed the unexpected release of PLEASURESULTIMATE. The album represents a complete departure from his usual edgy, dark style, instead offering a collection of love songs reminiscent of the 90s pop charts. The whimsical feel of the album is underscored by the use of piano and string instruments, creating a romantic atmosphere.

One track, TheMotionOfTheOcean, even evokes memories of the iconic scene from White Chicks where Terry Crews sings along to Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles. The album's upbeat style is a significant shift, but it has been warmly received by many fans. Considering Elmo O'Connor's personal life, with a wife and child, it's easy to imagine that these tracks were penned with his wife Samantha in mind.

For long-time fans and new listeners alike, PLEASURESULTIMATE offers a fresh and unexpected side of BONES, proving that even the most notorious artists can surprise us with their versatility and capacity for transformation.

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