WRTHL$$: An Artist Poised for a Breakout Year in 2024

WRTHL$$: An Artist Poised for a Breakout Year in 2024

WRTHL$$ is an artist I have been paying close attention to these past 12 months, and I would bet my money that he has a breakout this year. He is an alternative artist from Orange County. His music is reminiscent of gothboiclique and fellow artists in the sad-rap, emo era of the SoundCloud days. His music differs with its hard-hitting songwriting and signature raspy vocals that take inspiration from the punk and post-punk movements.

While he has been making music for six years, he initially started out making "meme raps" under the name Lil Toilet Roll but shifted his mentality around music about two years ago and started to focus more on creating songs that act as an outlet for his emotions. While his music is predominantly emo-rap similar to the works of heavily respected artists such as Lil Peep and Lil Tracy, his earlier influences came from bands such as Passenger and The Lumineers. These influences helped him find his style of writing, really honing in on making music that comes from his soul, and as he says, "make it poetic."

He touches on various deep topics in his music, using it as an outlet to express his emotions and struggles he has faced in his life. Being adopted as a child and growing up overweight, he struggled with bullying and feeling like he never fit in. These struggles would unfortunately manifest themselves later in life, with him openly sharing his battle against suicidal thoughts, mental health issues, and addiction. But make no mistake, he is very clear that the last thing he wants to do is glorify drugs and violence like many mainstream artists do. Instead, he hopes that by sharing his story, at least one person might find solace.

This is evident not just in his music, but in his personal life as well. This is the main reason why I have high hopes and am very excited to see him winning. While he still struggles with many aspects of life, he is optimistic, positive, and driven. He is relentless in showing his followers his journey in weight loss, getting fit, and creating healthier habits. His dedication is unrivalled when it comes to grinding away at his music and generating a cult following of loyal fans.

This year has been huge for him, with us already getting six singles from him, each one better than the last, along with daily content on his socials doing freestyles, working on lyrics, and showing us what goes on behind the scenes, giving us a peek into the work ethic he is bringing to the table. I have no doubt that we will see big things from him this year, and I will be glad to say that I have been here since 1500 monthly listeners.




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